Staht t25 Digital Pull Tester

Staht Pull Testers from the UK making their debut in Australia

Shaking up the pull tester scene is Staht from the UK. KORE had to work to meet somewhat challenging timeframes. Thankfully, and with careful planing, it all went well and we managed to complete the project in time for launch.

The website is made with a WordPress backend and Oxygen Builder front-end for the fastest WordPress page loads on the internet.

The stand-alone site was integrated with Sky5 Store to facilitate product sales.

- Wireframes
- Graphic resources
- Hosting & server-side setup
- Install WordPress and Oxygen builder
- Website design
- Host & manage

Web Services Provided

Content Strategy
Web Development
Responsive Design

Website Components

Oxygen Builder
Advanced Custom Fields

Creative Services

Content Development

Post Launch Services

Website Management
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