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to build user-centric digital assets that load fast, provide quick ROI and enable speedy growth.

A solution for all your digital and user growth needs can be found right here. Take a scroll and if you feel we're a good fit for your brand, business or project, let's talk and get the wheels turning.


This is where we listen, ask questions and discover exactly what it is you want to achieve and what you require from us. We conduct workshops to identify potential opportunities and establish a focused view of requirements. We get to the KORE of the matter.


In business your identity is everything. It needs to be built on a solid foundation and thoughtfully managed as you grow. We work with clients to create identities that fit with their audience and build relationships with them through brand experiences.


We develop the front-end of our WordPress websites with Oxygen Builder. This enables us to build the fastest and most flexible WordPress websites on the web. Why is this significant? Zero design restrictions and no bloated code - produced by themes - slowing your website down.

Platforms We Use

WordPress. From the growing field of Content Management Systems, WordPress has emerged as the leading CMS on the web today. Its the CMS trusted by over 30% of website owners. That's why we predominantly use and recommend it.

Shopify. If your new business is in retail and you're after an economical and easy to manage e-commerce solution, we recommend Shopify as it comes with an affordable monthly fee to maintain once configured, populated and launched.

MailChimp. From customised email templates and A/B campaigns to landing pages and auto responders, MailChimp is the ideal tool to keep you connected with your users. See User Growth below for more details.

Full Stack Development

We live for the challenge and love solving complex problems with Ruby on Rails and ember.js. Integrated with advanced database and server-side technologies we deliver game-changing products that delight users.


After years of machine learning and exabytes of data, bots have come into their own by filling the role of chat friendly customer service agents. Ever present 24/7, bots can help onboard new customers, answer deep dive queries, direct your users to the right place and so much more. Bots take your customer service to the next level.

User eXperience

We apply user-centric design principles to everything we create. UX today is far more than an index of how users perceive and relate to your digital products. UX encompasses every touch-point of your business or organisation with your users. UX is where we get to...


You've told everyone about your thing and now they want it. Delight your users with a silky smooth path to the prize and they will love you back. We have worked with clients on their digital assets, designing their work and retail spaces, and developing customer service strategies and frameworks with this in mind.

Content Development

It's your story, so here's where you get to shine. With a solid strategy and road map in place, content is created and/or developed, then scheduled for publishing across your website, social media and marketing channels. Here are 3 ways we can help you develop remarkable content:


It's easy to spot the brands that have a successful content development strategy in place. Having all your digital, social, marketing and advertising ducks lined up is the only way to remain relevant and florish in an increasingly digital world.

Road Map

A road map shows the path we follow to create, produce and publish the content we develop together. Content requirements are documented and scheduled for completion on a shared calendar so that our clients are kept in the loop.


We call it CR&D or Content R&D. It's a process that enables us to produce meaningful content and leverage the viral nature of the internet to share it. Displaying large bodies of subject matter with clearly defined titles, polished copy, bullet points, pictograms, icons and imagery allows users to consume your story in a fraction of the time.

Content Creation

Every business or endeavour has a story to tell and capturing it is key to generating relevant and engaging content. What are the compelling reasons for someone to give you their attention or business over the competition?

Make meaning, not marketing

Here are some of the ways we can help you create and produce meaningful content:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video and drone production
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Voice over
  • Sound production

User Growth

User Growth is the new black when it comes to marketing. Turning users into loyal followers requires producing meaningful content around your offerings and delighting them with the way it's presented and flows. Here are some of the ways we can help you get more eyes on the prize:

Social Media

In today's competitive world, having a solid presence on social media gives brands and organistations an edge over their competitors. The socially savvy are getting all the attention. We help our clients with social media strategies and management.


The beauty of advertising online is getting your content seen by the audience it's intended for. If it's a mass-audience you're after then TV, radio and print may be factored into your campaign. It's a mix of what works best for your brand, business or endeavour. We've helped clients create stellar advertising campaigns offline and across social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, et al.

Become an Authority

Becoming your own influencer is something to consider. Experts in every field or endeavour have created channels that draw huge followings. We've helped clients start YouTube channels and become famous. If becoming an influencer is not your thing, why not align yourself with one instead? We can always find the perfect fit for you.


MailChimp integrates perfectly with WordPress so you can keep your users up-to-date with your latest news, offers and events. We've helped clients set up, configure and optimise their MailChimp accounts, filter audience segments, create workflows and manage campaigns for events, promotions and product activations.

Optimisation & SEO

Achieving high ranking organic search results is the goal of an SEO campaign. After conducting a full website audit, we set about configuring search engine settings and correcting the issues we find. Website optimisation, keyword analysis, onsite metadata development and building back-links are some of the ongoing SEO tasks we perform for our clients.

The initial stages...

of establishing and/or improving your page ranking is spent creating trust between your website and search engines. The next stage is ongoing and it’s all about remaining relevant to... you guessed it, Search Engines.

Depending on the traffic...

to your keyword niche, you can gain a significant boost to your page ranking in a matter of 3-4 months and page 1 in *6-12 months.
* Depends on your keyword density, i.e. “real estate” or “car sales” will take considerably longer to achieve top organic listings given the saturation of these market sectors and the well-established players within them.

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